Watertown Police Department
160 A Old Statesville Avenue

Watertown, TN 37184
(615) 237-3224

The heart and soul of the department, the patrol division answers thousands of calls each year. WPD’s patrol officers are the primary first responders for the City of Watertown, handling reports, crashes, domestic violence, civil disputes, warrant services, and countless other tasks. We routinely assist the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office with calls in the southeast portion of the county. WPD also provides assistance to Wilson Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Watertown Volunteer Fire Department, on a daily basis.

The Patrol Division is commanded by the Lieutenant on shift

The Watertown Police Department’s patrol division is the primary agency providing traffic enforcement and traffic crash investigation inside the city limits of Watertown. Our officers have received specialized training in DUI enforcement, Advanced Roadside Impairment, Crash Investigation, Interdiction, and radar operations. WPD routinely assists the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office with DUI enforcement, safety checkpoints, and crash investigation in the surrounding community. If YOU NEED A COPY OF A CRASH REPORT, please contact he department Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 2PM.